Stella & Chewy’s

We love our pets with the purest, most honest & unfiltered love we can have in our lives. Our food is pure, honest, unadulterated & unprocessed, just like the love we have for our pets.

Made in conjuction with Highdive Agency in Chicago.

Stella & Chewy’s

During the month of November, National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, Stella & Chewy’s announced they’ll reimburse pet adoption fees for senior pets. They partnered with Pilots to the Rescue, an organization who’s mission is to help at-risk pets by flying them to safety. 

Shortlisted at The One Show 2022.

Manhattan Mini Storage

In a place where there’s so little space for anyone, we always have space for everyone. Space to be who we are, and who we choose to be. No matter where you come from. What you do. Who you do. How many of them you do. Or why you do them. 

Because just like New York City, at Manhattan Mini Storage, there’s Space for All.

Character Lineup


Holiday Times Square OOH 

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Cracker Barrel

To prove that Cracker Barrel’s care is tossed, baked and fried into everything they do,
we created a :30 national TV spot featuring it as their secret ingredient.
And we’re proud to have brought a little care into their new logo outro, too, introducing a new wave of inclusivity to the brand.

:30 National TV Spot

New Logo Outro

A look into the outro shoot (Because it’s the wholesome content you need)


IHOP now accepts cash, checks, credit cards, bucks and even BAWKS.

In honor of our new crispy chicken, we let people pay with bawks. All users had to do was post a video of their best bawks, and they got a free $10 giftcard for crispy chicken and pancakes.

CW: Giovanna Saffos

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