Problem: People can’t fit their hands inside Pringles cans.

We made 3 redesigns to the can. We’re going to release them at the same time and have people vote for their favorite.

Ladies and gentleman, the Pringledential Canpaign

CW: Paul Malloy 

Canpaign Posters

The Springle
The pringles rest on a spring-loaded follower that push the pringles up. The snacker can simply push the chips out. 

The Pringleport
We simply put another opening at the bottom of the can. Now, gravity brings the pringles to your hand.

The Pringlevator
The pringles sit on a small platform on the bottom of the can. The platform is attached to a handle. All you have to so is raise the handle, and like scientific magic the pringles rise up.

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